The Delta Chi Broomball Tournament is an annual Delta Chi tradition. The sport of broomball (also known as pillow polo) is similar to ice hockey, only without pucks and skates. The participants get a special stick, and pass around a gator-skin ball until there's a goal. The game goes on with a running clock, until the team with the most goals wins!

The Fall 2017 Broomball Tournament is set to take place on November 12, 2017, at the Tennity Ice Pavilion. If your organization is interested in participating, contact our philanthropy chair, Connor Bradley.



The Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research is the preferred philanthropic organization of the Delta Chi Fraternity. Jimmy Valvano's hard-fought for dream of a better tomorrow embodies the spirt of Delta Chi. His famous words of strength, "Don't Give Up...Don't Ever Give Up!" resonate in the heart of every brother.

Since 2006, Delta Chi chapters across the United States have honored his legacy by raising more than $500,000 in support of the V Foundation. 

The chapter hosts a philanthropy event every semester to help support this cause. 

To participate, sponsor, or receive more information about any upcoming philanthropy events, please contact our Philanthropy Chair at




Delta Chi is proud to work with the Office of Off Campus Affairs to support the Ten Tons of Love program, the university's largest donation drive. In 2012, Ten Tons of Love collected more that 35 tons of clothes, food, toys, electronics, and other donations to help over 3,000 local families.

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